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Rent the Opera

Your event at the Opéra de Lausanne

Depending on the activity of the Opera on the required date, you can rent the Opera or Salon Alice Bailly for private parties or business. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can offer you various possibilities.

360 ° view of public spaces

The theater

Capacity with the orchestra pit: 942 places
Capacity without the orchestra pit: 993 places

Some technical specifications:

  • Italian room semicircular, a parterre and three balconies
  • Régies light and surtitles 2nd balcony, audiovisual control 1 balcon
  • Stage dimensions: 14.2 meters / 19.6 feet wide
  • Proscenium arch dimensions: 10.8 meters width / height 7.2 meters
  • Height cage scene: 22.4 meters (18.9 meters useful below grill)
  • Three levels of service platforms by side
  • Forty-six motor carriers

Salon Alice Bailly

Place for meetings and receptions of the Opera, the room was painted between 1935 and 1937 by Alice Bailly. Restored during the last renovation of the theater through public subscription, Salon Alice Bailly can also be rented for the evening.

Capacity: 300 people

Contact Renting

Case postale 7543
CH - 1002 Lausanne
T + 41 21 315 40 40