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Opéra de Lausanne, the book

From 1871 to 2012, from the Casino-Théâtre to the Opéra de Lausanne, more than 140 years of the Opéra’s wonderful history are retraced in this richly illustrated publication.

Characters, anecdotes and eye-witness accounts as well as unseen documents from the Opéra’s archives are presented in texts written by Jean Pierre Pastori.

The work retraces the history of Lausanne’s opera house chronologically and thematically over more than 280 pages. The wonderful journey that made the Opéra de Lausanne’s name on the international stage is presented from the first troupes of actors to today’s international productions, including reviews, festivals and seasons on tour.

The book is available for sale in bookstores, at the shop "Passion Musique" of Opera de Lausanne, and at box office.


Opéra de Lausanne, une aventure théâtrale
Jean Pierre Pastori - sous la direction d'Eric Vigié
Editions Favre, 2012
30x30cm - couleur - CHF 100.-