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Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)


Opera in 3 acts
Libretto by Arrigo Boito based on The Merry Widows of Windsor by Shakespeare
First performed at Teatro alla Scala in Milan,  February 9th, 1893


Sir John Falstaff Roberto Frontali
Ford Sebastian Catana
Mrs. Alice Ford Nicole Heaston
Nannetta Angela Kerrison
Fenton Antonio Figueroa
Mrs. Quickly Ann McMahon Quintero
Mrs. Meg Page Kendall Gladen
Bardolfo Rodolphe Briand
Pistola Marcin Habela
Dottor Cajus Stuart Patterson

Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne
Opéra de Lausanne choir

Conductor Nir Kabaretti
Director Arnaud Bernard
Set designer Alessandro Camera
Costume designer Carla Ricotti
Lighting designer Patrick Méeüs
Choir master Véronique Carrot

Production Teatro di San Carlo, Naples

Friday 23 March 2012, 8PM
Sunday 25 March 2012, 5PM
Wednesday 28 March 2012, 7PM

Théâtre de Beaulieu

Duration: about 2:35 (interval included)

« I live with the huge Sir John, with his enormous belly; that smasher of beds, breaker of chairs, exhauster of mules, that skin of sweet wine, that moving lump of lard, among the bottles of sherry and the pleasures of the hot kitchen of the Garter Inn…Sketching characters in just a few lines, creating intrigue, squeezing all the juice out of that huge Shakespearian orange without letting the useless pips escape into the glass, writing with colour, clearly and concisely, drawing up the scenes so that the result keeps the organic unity of a « piece of music » as well as being something different, making the joyful comedy come alive from beginning to end with a natural and communicative joy, it’s difficult, difficult, difficult! And yet it has to look simple, simple, simple!... »
Arrigo Boito, librettist of Falstaff to Giuseppe Verdi

Extract of the show

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