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The program Dances of the World Nations is a unique series of choreographic works staged by Igor Moiseyev, well-known and loved around the world. The program includes: Russian dance Summer, Kalmyk dance, Tatarochka, suite of Moldovan dance Zhok, Old City Quadrille, choreographic picture At the rink the dance of Argentine shepherds Gaucho, the legendary Moiseyev’s Yablochko and others, which have become the world classic.

Choreography Igor Moiseyev
Artistic director Elena Shcherbakova

Russian Dance Summer
Arrangement Samson Galperin, Vladimir Zhmykhov
Soloists Evgenia Pankova, Alexander Tikhonov

Kalmyk Dance
Arrangement Petr Rybakov
Dancers Ramil Mekhdiev, Artur Abakumov, Roman Ivashchenko

Tatarochka (Tatar Dance)
Arrangement Evgeniy Avksentiev
Dancers Olga Volina, Alexander Tikhonov, Oleg Chernasov

Ukrainian Dance Snow Storm (Metelitsa)
Popular music
Danced by the company

Suite Moldovan Dance Khora, Tchokyrkia, Zhok
Arrangement Dmitry Fedov
Soloists Veronika Denisova, Natalia Ugrozova, Konstantin Kostylev

Old City Quadrille
Arrangement Petr Rybakov
Dancers Emilia Melnichuk, Roman Koziukov, Maria Ionova, Konstantin Kostylev, Yulia Bykova, Alexander Samarin, Anna Mikhalina, Oleg Chernasov
Man with tambourine Evgeniy Chernyshkov

Ballet in one act At the skating-rink
Music Johann Strauss, Jacques Offenbach
Soloists Veronika Denisova, Ramil Mekhdiev

Sicilian Tarantella
Arrangement Samson Galperin
Soloists Veronika Denisova, Olga Volina, Ekaterina Tikhonova, Evgenia Pankova, Alexander Klimov, Roman Gavrilov, Ramil Mekhdiev

Suite Mexican Dance Zapateo, Avalulk
Arrangement Samson Galperin, Vladimir Zhmykhov
Soloists Kirill Kochubey, Alexander Tikhonov

Greek Dance Sirtaki
Music Míkis Teodorákis
Soloists Dmitriy Ivanov, Denis Pankov, Artem Anisimov, Ayrat Karimov, Lev Makhnovskiy

Pamir Dance
Arrangement Samson Galperin
Choreography Isakher Akilov, under the direction of Igor Moiseyev
Dancers Maria Ionova, Margarita Rebetskaya, Yulia Shutova, Anastasia Sorokina, Olga Kostyleva

Argentine Dance Gaucho
Arrangement Nikolay Nekrassov
Dancers Alexander Tikhonov, Roman Kuznetsov, Roman Ivashchenko

Nanain game Two boys in a fight

Day on Board a Ship Yablochko
Arrangement Samson Galperin, Vladimir Zhmykhov
Soloists Evgeniy Masalkov, Alexander Klimov, Sergey Sirotin, Vadim Shikunov, Lev Makhnovskiy, Alexander Samarin, Ramil Mekhdiev, Roman Kuznetsov, Denis Pankov, Oleg Chernasov

Sunday 2 April 2017, 5PM

Ticket price CHF 20.- to 100.-
Duration: appr. 1h30

For 80 years Igor Moiseyev Ballet remains a symbol of a highly professional and, at the same time, an extremely sincere and heartfelt example of art, that harmoniously unites the immediacy of folk dances and rigor of academic manners, humor and high pathos, all generations and types of dances. In 1937 the greatest choreographer Igor Moiseyev created the first in the world professional Ensemble of Popular Dance, that revives the rhythmic interpretation of the dance folklore of peoples all around the world. Since 1945 the troupe tour has never been interrupted. Igor Moiseyev Ballet opened all the cultural ties of the countries in all the continents of the world, toured in more than 65 countries, more than 10-15 times in most. Tastes may change, fashion and styles, artistic and political preferences may be different, but Igor Moiseyev Ballet is the value beyond time and space.

Excellent professionals, the artists of the ensemble are always ready for a new tour, they have something to show the viewer of the XXI century.


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