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Animal and operatic silliness
Libretto by Örs Kisfaludy

New production Opéra de Lausanne, world premiere

Le chasseur Thierry Takahashi-Jorand
Le lion Daniel Golossov
La hyène Jérôme Vavasseur
L’homme-singe / Le marabout Alexandre Diakoff
La Gazelle Yuki Tsurusaki
Le Zèbre Fernando Cuellar Leon
Le guépard Jérémie Schütz
Le crocodile Mihai Teodoru
L’autruche Cristina Segura
Le petit rat / L’éléphanteau / Le lama / Le chimpanzé / L’œuf Juliette Michel

Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne

Conductor Andrei Feher
Directors Pierre Lepori, François Renou
Scenography Pierre Lepori, Sylvie Kleiber, François Renou
Dramaturgy Sarah Calcine, Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Jean-Louis Johannides,
Kevin Martos
Costume designer Amélie Reymond
Audio-design conception Nicolas Descloux

Tutoring dramaturgy Robert Cantarella
Tutoring scenography Sylvie Kleiber
Tutoring technical and lighting designer Nicolas Berseth

Costumes made in the workshops of Opera of Lausanne

Friday 28 April 2017, 7PM
Saturday 29 April 2017, 3PM
Saturday 29 April 2017, 7PM
Sunday 30 April 2017, 5PM
Wednesday 3 May 2017, 5PM
Friday 5 May 2017, 7PM

Ticket price CHF 20.- to 45.-
Duration: 1h10 (no intermission)
From age 7

But...what on earth is a zoocrate? Is it some kind of learned animal, a zoological Socrates of sorts whose name is spoken with a lisp or even a stutter? A...Socratic animal? Why not! Doesn't the writer Eugène Ionesco declare so in his play Rhinoceros? : « All cats are mortal. Socrates is mortal. Therefore Socrates is a cat. » This is pure logic, isn't it? Indeed, but it would be even more (zoo) logical to think that a zoocrate is but the animal equivalent of a democrat. And zoocracy, the equivalent of democracy.

Örs Kisfaludy

Events around the production

An afternoon at the museum and the Opera!

On Sunday 30 April and Wednesday 3 May, the Cantonal Museum of Zoology and the Opera of Lausanne come together to offer you a journey from one to the other! Appointment at 15:15 at the Palais de Rumine for a visit to the permanent exhibition, a snack, then to the Opera to attend the show.

Price (visit and snack): CHF 5.- per person (child or adult), CHF 12.- per family (from 3 persons)

Reservation mandatory on 021 315 40 59 or isabelle.ravussin@lausanne.ch

PâKOMUZé 2017 - Make a zoocrate!

On Thursday 13, saturday 15 or thursday 20 April, come and discover the backstage of Les Zoocrates and make a jungle animal that will decorate the corridors of the Opera during the performances!

Kids aged 7-11 years
Length: 2PM-4:30PM
Price : CHF 15.00 per child
Activity in French

Reservation mandatory 021 315 40 59 or isabelle.ravussin@lausanne.ch

PâKOMUZé's website

Listen to an extract