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Animal and operatic silliness
Libretto by Örs Kisfaludy

New production Opéra de Lausanne, world premiere

Le chasseur Thierry Takahashi-Jorand
Le lion Daniel Golossov
La hyène Jérôme Vavasseur
L’homme-singe / Le marabout Alexandre Diakoff
La Gazelle Yuki Tsurusaki
Le Zèbre Fernando Cuellar Leon
Le guépard Jérémie Schütz
Le crocodile Mihai Teodoru
L’autruche Cristina Segura
Le petit rat / L’éléphanteau / Le lama / Le chimpanzé / L’œuf Juliette Michel

Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne

Conductor Andrei Feher
Directors Pierre Lepori, François Renou
Scenography Pierre Lepori, Sylvie Kleiber, François Renou
Dramaturgy Sarah Calcine, Guillaumarc Froidevaux, Jean-Louis Johannides,
Kevin Martos
Costume designer Amélie Reymond
Audio-design conception Nicolas Descloux

Tutoring dramaturgy Robert Cantarella
Tutoring scenography Sylvie Kleiber
Tutoring technical and lighting designer Nicolas Berseth

Costumes made in the workshops of Opera of Lausanne

Crédit bandeau: Singes dans la jungle, 1910, Henri J.F. Rousseau, dit Le Douanier (1844-1910) / Collection privée © Bridgeman Images

Friday 28 April 2017, 7PM
Saturday 29 April 2017, 3PM
Saturday 29 April 2017, 7PM
Sunday 30 April 2017, 5PM
Wednesday 3 May 2017, 5PM
Friday 5 May 2017, 7PM

Ticket price CHF 20.- to 45.-
Duration: 1h10 (no intermission)
From age 7

But...what on earth is a zoocrate? Is it some kind of learned animal, a zoological Socrates of sorts whose name is spoken with a lisp or even a stutter? A...Socratic animal? Why not! Doesn't the writer Eugène Ionesco declare so in his play Rhinoceros? : « All cats are mortal. Socrates is mortal. Therefore Socrates is a cat. » This is pure logic, isn't it? Indeed, but it would be even more (zoo) logical to think that a zoocrate is but the animal equivalent of a democrat. And zoocracy, the equivalent of democracy.

Örs Kisfaludy

Events around the production

An afternoon at the museum and the Opera!

On Sunday 30 April and Wednesday 3 May, the Cantonal Museum of Zoology and the Opera of Lausanne come together to offer you a journey from one to the other! Appointment at 15:15 at the Palais de Rumine for a visit to the permanent exhibition, a snack, then to the Opera to attend the show.

Price (visit and snack): CHF 5.- per person (child or adult), CHF 12.- per family (from 3 persons)

Reservation mandatory on 021 315 40 59 or isabelle.ravussin@lausanne.ch

PâKOMUZé 2017 - Make a zoocrate!

On Thursday 13, saturday 15 or thursday 20 April, come and discover the backstage of Les Zoocrates and make a jungle animal that will decorate the corridors of the Opera during the performances!

Kids aged 7-11 years
Length: 2PM-4:30PM
Price : CHF 15.00 per child
Activity in French

Reservation mandatory 021 315 40 59 or isabelle.ravussin@lausanne.ch

PâKOMUZé's website

Listen to an extract