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Lyric Road 2019


HERVÉ (1825-1892)


Opera buffa in 3 acts
Lyrics by Henri Chivot and Alfred Duru
First performed of original version in Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens, Paris, 17th November 1866
Final version represented at Théâtre des Folies-Dramatiques, Paris, 2nd March 1872

New production Opéra de Lausanne

Director and role of Merlin Jean-François Vinciguerra
Set designer Dominique Pichou
Costume designer Amélie Reymond
Choreographer and director assistant Jean-Philippe Guilois

June - July 2019

Recommended from age 13

The first great operetta of the "loony composer" as Hervé is often referred to, Les chevaliers de la Table ronde is not about Lancelot and his adventures... He uses the Middle Ages as a pretext and to set the stage, in the same way Offenbach uses antiquity. Derision, mockery and parody, set to popular tunes, are all part of this musical pastiche, in which one follows the adventures of ladies Mélusine, Totoche and Angélique. Knights Rodomont and Roland, as well as Merlin, take part in this hilarious slapstick comedy.

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