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Opéra de Lausanne

Avenue du Théâtre 12
CP 7543
CH - 1002 Lausanne
e-mail: opera(at)lausanne.ch  - Messages sent to this email are checked Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM (except Bank Holidays). For questions about the representations, box office answers your calls on +41 21 315 40 20 , Monday to Friday , from 1PM to 5PM, and 2 hours before each performance .


Parking Bellefontaine: park at your convenience at Parking Bellefontaine, with the «Lausanne Opera» prepaid card, on sale at the parking secretariat. Thanks to this prepaid and rechargeable card, credited with an amount of CHF 50.-, 100.- or 150.-, you will avoid queues at the checkout and will enjoy an exceptional rate on your parking (27% discount), during performances at the Opéra de Lausanne. 

Public transport: stop Georgette (1, 2, 8, 4, 17, 9)

Map of public transport

Map of Opéra de Lausanne

Administrative and artistic staff

Director Eric Vigié
Administrator Cédric Divoux

Assistant director and production director Olivier Cautrès
Director's assistant, patrons and sponsors Laureline Henchoz
Artistic assistant Marie-Laure Chabloz
Executive assistant Leonor Garcia
Responsible Edition and advertisement Anne Ottiger
Digital manager Ashley Puckett
Responsible Press Elizabeth Demidoff-Avelot
Responsible Cultural Mediation Isabelle Ravussin
Responsible Logistics Fabienne Hermenjat
Responsible Accounting Mauro Fiore
Accountants Sonia Antonietti, Morgane Prod’hom
Responsible Box office Maria Mercurio
Piano coach Marie-Cécile Bertheau

Reception staff

Receptionnists Yasmine Crivelli, Morgann’ Gyger Vincent
Box office Morgann’ Gyger Vincent, Dominique Vita
Ushers Yann Hermenjat, Karim Skandrani, Ghislain Winterhalter

Staff managers Julien Lüchinger, Jonas Pache, Elodie Viret
Staff Romain Ballarini, Caroline Barras, Marie Barras, Marius Barthaux, Célia Bianchi, Giulia Chehab, Emilie Clavel, Antonin Colliander, Romain Daroles, Yan Decoppet, Louis Delessert, Laura Den Hondt, Alessandro Diz Fernandez, Kevin Dizami, Julie Estoppey, Leila Farra, Margot Gafsou, Maël Graa, Julie Husmann, Antoine Jacquat, Bruno Jolliet, Marie Jolliet, Fanny Lazeyras, Guillaume Matthey, Camille Muheim, William Peikert, Marie Pichard, Armand Sansonnens, Marie-Hélène Savioz, Lara Schütz, Marie Thorimbert, Noémie Turrisi, Ghislain Winterhalter

Bar manager Thomas Browarzik
Team Vladimir Besnard, Youri Besnard, Merlin Brey, Blagoje Jovanovic, Myriam Masson, Amina Nobile, Nicolas Reymond, Caroline Ventura

Technical department staff

Technical director Henri Merzeau
Technical assistants Guy Braconne, Mary-Claude Brugger
General manager Gaston Sister
Surtitles manager Lucie Leguay
Apprentices Laurie Gerber, Sophia Meyer

Chief machinery and technical coordination of the stage Stefano Perozzo
Assistants David Ferri, Benjamin Mermet
Team Roberto Di Marco, Tristan Enoé, Antonio Luis Lourenco, Antonio Perez
Flies Jérôme Perrin
Assistant Vincent Böhler

Chief electrical department Denis Foucart
responsible Jean-Luc Garnerie
Lighting manager Michel Jenzer, Shams Martini
Video manager Quentin Martinelli

Director scenography and set Jean-Marie Abplanalp
Carpentry Jean-Luc Reichenbach
Construction Salvatore di Marco, Patrick Muller

Chiefs accessories Stamatis Kanellopoulos, Jérémy Montico

Chief of Costume Department Amélie Reymond
Dressmaker costume designer Béatrice Dutoit
Seamstress and dresser Eloïse Miletto, Julie Raonison

Chief hair and make-up Roberta Damiano

Chief maintenance Maurice de Groot
Team Jovica Malisevi, Antonio Stefano

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