• Priority subscriptions to season tickets
  • Opera brochure and programmes sent at home in advance of its release
  • Private coat check
  • Exclusive bar at Salon Alice Bailly during intermission
  • Access to rehearsals on request
  • Backstage access & private tours of the Opéra
  • Exclusive encounters with the artists
  • Exclusive music-related travel offers
  • Free admission to Forum Opéra conferences
  • Tax rebate on donations

Annual Membership Fees :

  • Individual : CHF 1800.-
  • Couple: CHF 3000.-
  • Entreprise: CHF 5000.-
  • Donor: CHF 10’000.-


Established in 1998, the Patron’s Circle at the Opéra de Lausanne is much more than just an association of patrons. Aside from providing valuable support to the institution, it is also a place for opera enthusiasts to meet and cultivate their common interests in an exclusive setting.


Opera gives rise to extraordinary emotions. Sharing the passion with other enthusiasts and taking an active role in the life of an opera house can bring even more intensity to the experience.

That is what the Patron’s Circle at the Opéra de Lausanne can offer its members: belonging to a big family of opera lovers with privileged backstage access to an art they love and a concrete way of showing their attachment to this theatre.

Members of the Patron’s Circle enjoy exclusive advantages in return for their precious support : 

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Mr. Christophe Piguet, President
Ms. Irma Jolly, Vice-President
Mr. Jürg Binder, Treasurer
Dr. Nicolas Bergier
Ms. Jacqueline Bettinelli
Mr. Manuel J. Diogo
Mr. Philippe Hebeisen
Ms. Françoise Muller
Mr. Georges Reymond
Ms. Camilla Rochat
Mr. Eric Vigié


Anonymous donation from a medical institution
Fondation Léonard Gianadda Mécénat, Mr. Léonard Gianadda
Mr. & Ms. André Hoffmann
Fondation Notaire André Rochat, Mr. André Corbaz, Mr. Daniel Malherbe


Ms. Liliane Hofer
Ms. Rose-Marie Hofer
Ms. Pascale Honegger
Dr. & Ms. Paul Janecek
Ms. Irma Jolly
Mr. & Ms. Stylianos Karageorgis
Mr. & Ms. Pierre Krafft
Mr. Christophe Krebs
Ms. Carmela Lagonico
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Laîné
Mr. & Ms. Philippe Lang
Mr. & Ms. Robert Larrivé
Mr. & Ms. Claude Latour
Ms. Evelyn Lévy
Ms. Marlène Mader
Mr. François Mallon
Mr. & Ms. Alexandre Manuel
Mr. & Ms. Bernard Metzger
Ms. Vera Michalski-Hoffmann
Mr. & Ms. Georges Muller
Ms. Isabelle de la Touche Nicod
Mr. & Ms. Laurent Nicod
Ms. Alice Pauli
Mr. & Ms. Jean-Claude Pick
Mr. & Ms. Christophe Piguet
Mr. & Ms. Pierre Poyet
Mr. & Ms. Theo Priovolos
Ms. Dominique Radoux
Ms. Gioia Rebstein-Mehrlin
Ms. Nicole Renaud
Mr. & Ms. Jean-Philippe Rochat
Mr. & Ms. Etienne Rodieux
Mr. & Ms. Gabriel Safdié
Mr. & Ms. Marie et Jean-Baptiste Sallois Dembreville
Mr. & Ms. Olivier Saurais
Mr. & Ms. Scaglione
Mr. & Ms. Paul Siegenthaler
Mr. Frédéric Staehli
Mr. & Ms. Thomas Steinmann
Mr. & Ms. Gérard Tavel
Mr. François Wittemer


 Mr. Luc Argand
Mr. Maurice Argi
Prof. & Ms. Fedor Bachmann
Ms. Gérard Beaufour
Dr. Daniel Berdah
Dr. & Ms. Nicolas Bergier
Mr. Patrice Berthoud
Mr. & Ms. Fabio Bettinelli
Ms. Giovanna Bianchi-Risso
Mr. & Ms. Stefan Bichsel
Mr. & Ms. Jürg Binder
Mr. & Ms. Etienne Bordet
Ms. Nathalie Brunel
Mr. & Ms. Vincent Bugnard
Ms. Marie-Christine Dutheillet de Lamothe & Mr. Pierre Dreyfus
Ms. Jacqueline Caiani
Ms. Catherine Caiani
Ms. Elisabeth Canomeras
Dr. Stéphane Cochet
Ms. Marie-Danièle de Buman
Ms. Fabienne Dente
Ms. Véronique de Sénépart
Mr. Manuel J. Diogo
Ms. Virginia Drabbe-Seemann
Mr. & Ms. Marc Ehrlich
Ms. Isabelle Fleisch
Dr. & Ms. Marc Gander
Ms. Marceline Gans
Mr. & Ms. Etienne Gaulis
Mr. Iordanis Ion Georgiadis
Ms. Anne-Claire Givel-Fuchs
Mr. & Ms. Michel-Pierre Glauser
Ms. Soun Glauser
Ms. Arlette Hasser-Dutoit
Mr. & Ms. Philippe Hebeisen