Davel... a god of mythology? A Marvel character? Almost!

The incredible story of the Vaudois hero, who gave his body and soul to free his town from the Bernese hold, is still fascinating. While waiting to discover the opera that was postponed to 2023, the book commissionned by the Opéra de Lausanne Davel: Des brumes de l’oubli aux feux de l’opéra sheds new light.

Written by Antonin Scherrer, the book covers two centuries of artistic creation to transform the traitor into a martyr and then into a myth. Numerous works retrace Davel’s life, which is why the historian wished to bring a new perspective by focusing his account on Davel’s cultural posterity in the canton de Vaud history.

As early as 1845, several artists took an interest in Davel’s legend. Thus, the Vaud landscape saw plays, books, monuments, songs, paintings, and soon, an opera!

Available in bookshops, at the Éditions Favre, and from the newspaper 24 heures

Available at the Éditions Favre
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