The Opera - another world!

Our cultural outreach programs build bridges between the Opéra de Lausanne and its future spectators, especially for students enrolled in schools in the City of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud. Thanks to workshops on discovering the stage, its professions, and vocals, children are immersed in the world of opera, and leave amazed by a unique and unforgettable experience.

An innovative program welcoming over 3000 students per year! 

Made possible with the support of…

Before, during and after

Before, during and after the show…

Explore in depth the wonders of the lyrical works through one of our conferences

Visit behind the scenes and learn what goes on before the curtain lifts, even with your family

Awaken your children’s curiosity and offer them wonderful memories on a Wednesday afternoon with the Opera de Lausanne

Access a show even if you’re visually impaired or blind with the support of the audiodescription

Experience our shows from home thanks to our partners RTS and Arte Concert

Initiate students to the world of opera with various programs and activities specifically designed for them